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Today we will go on a religious journey to Hajo located just 35 km away from busy city Guwahati. I heard a lot about this temple city from my childhood.  Devotees of Hind, Muslim and Buddhist communities visit this place from ancient time. We will explore all this pilgrimage one by one.

Ancient Hayagriva Madhava Temple

On the Monikut hill, lies the beautiful ancient temple – Hayagriva Madhava Temple. You need to walk around 70-100 steps to reach the temple complex. It is located at the top of a hill. The scenic surrounding around the temple is very beautiful.

The temple is of one of Lord Vishnu’s avatars – the one with the horse head known as Hayagriva. We absolutely loved the temple structure, which was quite interesting with three distinct parts. The one that I liked the most was the top i.e. Shikhara of the temple architecture. The holy temple is popular among the followers of Lord Vishnu and Buddhism. The temple is actually very old and the present one built by one king – Raghudeva Narayan in the 16th century.

Hajo Temple

Hayagriva Madhava Temple

Down Stairs of Madhava Temple, Hajo tourism guide

Hayagriva Madhava Temple

Hajo village tourism

View from Madhava Temple, Hajo

Hayagriva Madhava Temple

Hayagriva Madhava Temple

Hayagriva Madhava Temple Hajo

Flower seller in front of Hayagriva Madhava Temple

Hajo Temple guide

Scenic pond( Madhab Pukhuri.) in front of Hayagriva Madhava Temple

Hayagriva Madhava Temple, Hajo travel stories

Big tortoise inside the pond in front of Hayagriva Madhava Temple

We also saw several big tortoises located in an ancient pond called Madhab Pukhuri in front of this temple. Watching such a giant tortoise and feeding them is one of my memorable experience here.

Kedareswara Temple

Our next stop was ancient Shiva temple Kedareswara . Constructed by Ahom king Sargadeu Rajeswar Singha in 1753.  It is scenic temple Located at the top of  Madanchala Hillock. We had to walk upstairs to reach the temple. The temple complex was tranquil and scenic. It had a precious Svyambhu (self-originated)  Shiva linga in the form Ardhnareswar (male & female) which make it very auspicious. Which was generally kept covered in a metal bowl.

Kedareswara Temple, Hajo

Kedareswara Shiva Temple complex

Kedareswara Temple hajo

Stars lead to Kedareswara Temple (Photo PS Deb)

After visiting this marvellous temple we headed to our next destination the ancient pilgrimage of Muslim community Poa Mecca.

Age-old Poa Mecca mosque and the tomb

Poa Mecca. Hajo

Poa Mecca Mosque

Since I like cultural diversity and Assam is a state mix of different culture and religion.  As the sun started to set in the evening we decided to visit another holy shrine of Muslim community Poa Mecca Mosque located at the top of  Garurachal Hill.  The tomb of Pir Gyasuddin Aulia is also located in front of the mosque. According to believe very soil from Mecca was used in the construction of this Mosque.

The most enjoyable part of our trip to Poa Mecca is the breathtaking scenic view seen from the top of the hill and the exciting zig-zag route that leads to the mosque. Since it was evening and sun was gradually setting, we enjoyed some splendid view of sunset and thanks to our friend Manash from Nexplore Travel who bought us to this scenic place. We enjoyed the surrounding a lot and decided to visit some part of the road by strolling. After capturing lots of photos and with a heart full of memories we bid adieu to the wonderful town Hajo and returned back to our hotel at Guwahati.

Hajo Tourism guide

Road to Poa Mecca

Holy shrine of Muslims, Poa-Mecca Guwahti

Zig zag scenic road that leads to Poa Mecca

Poa Mecca, Guwahati places to visit

View of sunset from Garurachal Hill

 Poa Mecca, Hajo travel blog

Bird’s- eye view of Guwahati city and Brahmaputra river from Poa Mecca

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