Welcome, friends! This is my next post describing my Jorhat tour. I hope the earlier one about my journey to Kaziranga National  Park must have enthralled you. What I could say about Jorhat city, the place is a stunning one with glimpses of a glorious past and a promising future. One of the heritage city in Assam enriched with various tea bungalows, polo club and golf course. There is no lack of tourist attractions in Jorhat, and when we first stepped out of the cab after covering a delightful journey of 113 km, we went straight to  Kaziranga Golf Resort to take some rest. This is a very luxury resort with a 18 hole golf course, in between Mohbondha tea estate. The resort was with spacious rooms and modern amenities.

We enjoyed staying a lavish afternoon in between tea garden in the Kaziranga golf course.  This resort was pre-booked by our travel agency Nexplore, and we quickly realized that Jorhat city is quite welcoming!

Kaziranga Golf Resort

Kaziranga Golf Resort

Kaziranga Golf Resort

Inside Kaziranga Golf Resort

Sprawling Tea Gardens and an Informative Research Center


Next day we headed towards Cinnamara tea estate and the sight was simply amazing! The vastness of tea gardens seems captivating and watching the workers plucking tea leaves compelled us to go for some nice clicks. There were also some imperial bungalows near these gardens to compliment the beauty of the same. I got to know that the city also hosts a tea festival every year.

The world’s oldest and largest Tea Experimental Station Tocklai Tea Research Centre is located here. When I first heard that we are heading towards a major research center of Jorhat, I was least excited. However, soon it became clear that the visit to the Tocklai Tea Research Centre was the best thing in my entire Jorhat tour. Not only the reception was warm at the entrance, but we were also amazed to know that the tea we consume almost daily goes through so many steps before packaging. The research center was more than a century old. One can also witness the entire tea manufacturing process at the center, but due to lack of time in our hands, we opt for our next destination.


Tocklai Tea Research Centre

Tocklai Tea Research Centre


Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar and other temple

Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar

Beautiful entrance of Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar (Temple)

In my friends request, we also visited a Neo vaishnavite temple named as “Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar“. It is an ancient temple established by saint Madhavdeva in 1461. The candle(earthen lamp) in this temple has been burning since its inceptation for more than 500 years. I felt speechless to see this beautiful temple and the people praying here.

Soon, we got back into our taxi and visited the Garakhiadol Temple, which is at a distance of only 7 km from the city. The Shiva temple built in the 18th century attracts a large number of devotees every year during the day of Mahashivratri. We also took blessings from the deity and returned to our taxi.

Sukapha Samannay Khetra,

Statue of king Sukapha at Sukapha Samannay Khetra,

Our next stop was Sukapha Samannay Khetra, laid in the memory first Ahom king of Assam, Sukapha. It looks very stunning with a very large compound and ‘Thai’ styled building which depict the rich cultural heritage of Ahom Era. It has a big statue of king Sukapha and a museum which showcase the history of Assam.


Temperature: Moderate (we visit in March, 2016)

Road condition: Good

Taxi booking : Manash (07399054196)

Hotel Booking : Through Nexplore Travel


As the evening approaches, we cherish the conclusion of our two day Jorhat tour and headed to the Kaziranga Golf Resort for night stay.

Our next destination is the fascinating Majuli Island on the river Brahmaputra.

You can read our last post “A trip to Kaziranga National Park” here.

So, keep checking our post; we will soon post our experience.

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