It’s that time of the year again, when you feel the aroma of the pine cones everywhere you go, the brush of the cold air against your face but your hearts warm. It’s winter already and however time flies this is the only time I feel it stops, and Shillong is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Beautful Christmas Decoration in the street of Shillong

This time around in this small beautiful town will amaze you, a must visit place where you get up to frosty mornings and start the day with that hot coffee in your hand, nature sleeps at its best stillness of awestruck beauty. Waterfalls become gentle and the grasses brown, it’s a tradition for all Shillongites to enjoy outdoor picnics with family and friends, where the hardworking shoulders gets to have a rest. Yet apart from that, Christmas eve is Shillong’s beautiful celebration, where you find the most dazzling lights and decorations in the heart of the city in Police Bazar and of course in every corner and houses with the decorated Christmas tree in this little town. The feeling, that warmth of the season that song of peace and unity in everyone’s lips sure is   worth embracing the season.

Christmas Shillong

Christmas eve in Shillong city

Shillong travel in Christmas

Shillong City( (Photo Lumlung Kamei)

Shillong tour

Christmas Decoration in Shillong( Photo Arridapha Shullai)

christmas celebration in Shillong

Decoration during Christmas

Shillong Christmas

Spirit of Christmas at Shillong(Photo Ner_luv)

Christmas Shillong

Christmas Decoration

Shillong Christmas

Crib decoration outside Church (Photo Romesh Bhattacharji)

A Christmas vacation in Shillong lets you experience a whole new level of adventure, where you hear carols chorus everywhere, free Christmas concerts welcomes everyone.

More importantly, let’s not forget the Buzz of Christmas shopping and the food. I am honestly telling you, Chinese food in Shillong is like the best and affordable. Hot soups which is just a remedy for the cold weather, coffee and let’s not forget the Christmas cake, where every Bakery will be busy during this festive season, and if you don’t know about the famous Reens or Mahari cake,I suggest you get in line this winter for that delicious piece of pastry or that wholesome cake.

Christmas is a festival of peace, joy and forgiveness and it’s embrace when you can actually be there. I already hang my stocking by the chimney for Santa to bring me a present, what about you?

Go for a fun-filled vacation in Shillong city during Christmas. If you need any help in planning your itinerary,  did not find accommodation that suits your preference or looking for a cab service then you can reach us at

Merry Christmas !