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Meghalaya the abode of clouds as we all know is not just a place of beautiful scenery and waterfalls, there’s so much more to this place, the diversity of people, friendly locals and of course the food. Meghalaya is a combination of gorgeous places, people and food all in one palate. Indian food, Italian, Chinese, Korean and the Local cuisines, you name it. So if you were to visit Shillong and don’t know where to dine, then let me be your guide.

Here are a few places I know will quench your appetite.

Trattoria & Red Rice Restaurant

Shillong street food

Trattoria & Red Rice Restaurant

Starting off I would like to take you to the local cuisine, where the food is not only delicious but nutritious as well, for tea time snacks I would recommend you try Putharo (Steam Rice Roti) along with local Soyabean Sauce (Tungrymbai) that is if you’re a vegan or with Black Sesame Seasoned Pork (Dohsniang Neiiong) if you’re Non-Vegan, this is one of the many local snacks however there are other varieties as well and it’s all organic. Jadoh (Rice cooked with meat) teamed with Pork (Dohkhleh Sniang) or Chicken, Salads and chutney is just heavenly. Adventure not only in exploring caves but also for Tribal ethnicity of the state and its cuisine goes hand in hand. Trattoria and Red Rice Restaurants located in the heart of Shillong, Police Bazar are some of the places that serves Local Cuisines.

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Chinese cuisine in Shillong

Well as far as my experience goes, North-East India serves the best Chinese Food ever and that’s a mass opinion. Every Locality in Shillong has that small Shop that serves Chinese dumplings (Momo), soups and believe me it’s not only affordable but hygienically clean and so good when it comes to taste.

Bamboo Hut, Lamee, Barbeque, Kim-Pou Restaurants are best known for their Chinese Cuisines. Soups of different flavors along with heavy dishes like Chow or Fried Rice soothes the rainy and cold weather in Shillong.

Apart from Chinese Food Shillong also has a newly opened Korean Restaurant located Near St. Edmund’s College, Kitchen of Korea. It’s a must visit Restaurant, we don’t get to taste Korean Food everyday do we? Starters like Kimchi and Kimbap are to die for, along with the whole Korean Palate and Ginseng Tea in addition will take you on a Korean journey right here in Shillong.

Street food of Shillong

Kitchen Of Korea

Jiva Sizzler Restaurant

This unique joint in Police Bazar, this is one must eat Restaurant in Shillong and let me tell you why? This is like a Global Combination under one roof; it’s not just a great Restaurant but an Organic Restaurant where olive oil is a must ingredient in their Pantry along with fresh Veggies. Trying out the different Chicken/Pork/Prawns Sizzler is definitely worth it. This Restaurant serves Mexican, Italian, American, Chinese and Seafood Dishes, who can say No to that right? Don’t miss out this one.
Jiva Sizzler

City Hut Dhaba

The aroma of spices has always been intriguing to our taste buds, food is an attraction an art and technique, Indian Dishes and cuisines both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian is not just food it requires creativity and passion to actually bring out that heavenly taste. Well Restaurants like City Hut Dhaba located near Ward’s Lake, Qzine and La Gallerie in Police Bazar, are some places to fill you with the beautiful Indian food and don’t leave without trying the Thali. These Classy Restaurants are highly recommended for their food, quality, service and good ambience.

City Hut Dhaba, Shillong food

City hut family dhaba shillong, meghalaya

Apart from Indian food eat out places, we also have Chennai Junction and Regal Restaurant that will serve you the best Dosa and Idli’s South Indian Food and Orange Roots Restaurant on the way to Sohra (Cherrapunjee) has the best of Vegan Dish.

Café Joints

Café Joints vegetarian food in Shillong

Café Joints

If you’re into light delights and snacks, then considering Bread Café, Dylan’s Café ,   Shillong Café, ML05 Café all located in different areas of Shillong and more will brew you some very good Coffee, Mocktails, Mojito’s and let’s not forget the different flavored Pastries and Cakes to go with your Coffee or drinks. I’m sure when it comes to food Shillong will take you on a new adventure to explore your taste and leave you with breathless memories. Bon appétit.

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