There are places in India, which are special attractions for different reasons. You might feel that you ought to visit the mountains in one of your trips, and in the other, you might wish to travel across the deserts. India has all of these top spots and many more places and this diversity is not just across the country, but also in many states.

The Northeast Indian state of Assam, for a change is one of the finest places to visit and it gets tourists, explorers, nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Besides these, the quaint town of Haflong(Dima Hasao) itself gets all of these travelers and even adventure sports-lovers in large numbers. What is so special about Haflong? What is in Haflong that might urge you to book tickets, and hotels and make headway next holidays? Read on to know what are the must visit places and top things to do in Haflong .

Top places to visit in Haflong

Haflong is the district headquarters of North Cachar Hills’ district, and it has beautiful places to visit. On reaching Haflong either from Maibong or from Guwahati, you shall find yourself drawn to the beauty of the landscape. The rolling verdant hills and cool environment, the gorgeous lakes and plenty of historically-rich buildings make Haflong worth visiting.

Haflong Lake

Haflong Lake(Photo Anupama Ganguly)

  • Lake and waterfalls: If you love to watch the sun set in the horizon as you sit by a lake, then Haflong Lake is the picturesque lake to visit. You shall go boating. The Panimoor waterfalls, is one of the most gorgeous falls located approximate 50km away from Haflong, and if you wish to go and dip your feet in the gushing falls, do not waste your time in delaying your visit to Panimoor.
  • Orchids and orchards: If you love to dig in to the nature’s plenty, then Haflong shall not disappoint you. You shall get a taste of the finest pineapples, and oranges here. You shall also get to see some exotic flowers and orchids that you shall boast later to your friends. The Orchid Garden is a must-visit for you along with a visit to the Haflong Hill.
  • Meeting Local Tribes: Haflong is one of the important places, having enough history to last your bonfire night tales. Various ethnic groups still live in and around Haflong and Maibong like the Dimasa, Biates, Karbis, and Thadu Kukies tribes.
  • Witness Bird-suicides in Jatinga: Every year between August and November, Jatinga draws in plenty of ornithologists and nature enthusiasts from around the world to study a rather inexplicable mystery. You shall get to see hundreds of birds committing suicide. This curious behavior is indeed mystifying.

Jatinga( Photo Biswajit Bhattacharya)

  • Bird-watching: One of the most interesting things to do is bird-watching. You shall view some amazing migratory birds, touching down in many of the lakes and water bodies across Haflong. Amur Falcon, Tiger Bittern and many other birds often flock to Haflong and Jatinga. Tourists, who come here, do not delay in visiting the wetlands to spot the birds.
  • Explore the rich culture in Maibong: Those who visit Haflong also make it a point to visit Maibong, the neighboring town. This was once upon a time, capital of the Dimasa Kachari kingdom and so you shall find monuments and architecture from the 12th century to wow you. You shall get to visit the monolithic Ramchandi Temple, which shall be right for those click-happy photographers and explorers.

Ruins of Maibong

  • Borail Wildlife Sanctuary: If you wish to quench your thirst for exploring the wildlife in Assam, then a drive down to the scenic Borail Wildlife Sanctuary would be perfect for you. You shall get to see the famous Himalayan Black Bear, Clouded Leopards, among birds, White backed Vulture, and pheasants are going to mesmerize you.
Borail Wildlife Sanctuary

View of Borail Wildlife Sanctuary (Photp AshishPurkayastha)

  • Festivals galore: If you love people, and culture and exploring more of these, then Haflong is the place to be. The tribes here celebrate various festivals and the most important of them, being, the harvest festival of Ruolsafac.
  • Adventure sports: If you are an adrenaline junkie and shall happily enjoy your time paragliding or doing something totally risky, then Haflong is the place to be. Besides being a hub for nature lovers, Haflong also qualifies to be a spot for the activities like paragliding and trekking. Around 18 kilometers from Haflong at Bendao Baglai Waterfalls and   N.Leikul  village around 7km from Haflong. you shall be able to spend some quality time trekking in the area.
Trekking in Haflong

Trekking in N. Leikul village, Haflong

  • Shopping: Finally, if a visit to the only hill station in Assam does not involve shopping then you are surely missing something. Go shopping for bamboo artifacts, baskets to wall hangings from Haflong market in the town square.

If you are already planning your visit to Haflong, then make sure that you have plenty of time in hand, to enjoy the beauty of the place and experience Assam like never before. You shall also get to drive down to few other towns and tourist destinations nearby like Sibsagar and Guwahati to name a few.