With the arrival of winter in Assam rhythmic sound of Dheki heard in every villages. Everybody especially female members started preparing for upcoming Magh Bihu festival. Characterized by merry making and feasting, after the harvesting season, Magh Bihu celebrated with lots of fun. This festival is also known as Bhogali Bihu or the festival of food since food is abounded everywhere at that time.

This festival starts on the 14th of January. 1st day of the festival is known as Uruka – the night of a giant community feast. Generally, family and friends gather in the rice fields and lit bonfires in the centre and make Bhelaghar (small hut made with bamboo, leaves and thatch).  People also create Maji – (Stack of wood and bamboo made in Pyramid shape). In the night they prepare food in the Bhelaghar and burn the hut and the Maji in the next morning.

Nowadays every village creates artistic and beautiful Maji and exhibits it to the visitors for several days.

Magh Bihu in Assam

Bhelaghar (photo source)

It is accustom to prepare Maji in every household. Next day morning everyone wakes up early morning and set fire to the Mejis and offer prayer and Prasad for the health and happiness of the family. Today everyone takes some special food and different type of potatoes such as Laura Potato, Russet Burbank, Sweet potato etc. According to folklore these help to  prevent lots of diseases. Every household prepares different type of sweets known as Pithas made from coconut, sesame seed and rice floor. Some of them are coconut pitha, coconut ladoos and sesame seed ladoos, ghila pitha etc to offer the guests.  Natives also prepare special sweet dishes (Jolpaan) made with Flattened rice, curd and jiggery known as Doi-Chira  and eat on the occasion of Bihu. People visit neighbor and relatives home and enjoy the Bihu in great spirit.

Magh Bihu Assam

Special sweet made from rice known as Til Pitha (Image Source)

Buffalo fight and bird fight also take place in some villages.

Buffalo fight in Magh Bihu Assam

Buffalo fight on the occasion of Magh Bihu (Photo Source)

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