When I had planned a trip to the Northeast India, I had just charted out my itinerary for Assam, and a few popular spots in Meghalaya like Shillong, Cherrapunji and Dawki. I had almost reached the end of the of Shillong Tour and was about to begin my journey back home when I heard mentions the place named Mawlynnong village.  This name I knew was the cleanest village in Asia.

“Mawlynnong” – Gods own garden

Mawlynnong village

Scenic lane in Mawlynnong village

So what was special about a clean village?

I had not expected much from the place before my fellow travelers also urged me to go ahead and take a trip to the village. So, from Shillong, we began our 100-kilometer long road drive to Mawlynnong.  As we were entering the village, we are mesmerized by the beauty of the village, winding lanes and colourful flowers. We found several huts in the true Khasi traditions, clean and welcoming. We then realized the reason this small hamlet made it to become the cleanest. The entire village believed ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and that is why there is a really enjoyable serenity in the village. Every house has placed trashcans outside their homes made of bamboo just so that no outsider litters their pretty village. This cumulative effort to keep the village picturesque and clean is what shows evidently, as you stroll past the village. The gardens big and small and the friendliness of East Khasi people is sure to make your stay there happily.

Mawlynnong village

View of Mawlynnong village

Where to eat in Mawlynnong?

There are several places available for lunch and breakfast at Mawlynnong.  We decided to have our lunch at  HA-LA-TYNGKONG homestay and enjoyed authentic simple delicious Khasi food.

Mawlynnong Homestay

Having lunch at a homestay at Mawlynnong Village

Places in and around Mawlynnong:

On reaching the village and on freshening up, we all decided to visit the neighboring village of Rewai, which happens to have some scenic spots. Of course, we knew that the famous Living Roots Bridge or the Jingmaham Living Roots Bridge was here and all the more reason for us to take very little time in getting over to the bridge. This bridge was hardly like anything we had ever set our eyes on. We found the roots of the trees growing to form a bridge across streams and rapids. The East Khasi people know the art of growing these trees, and nurturing the roots so that the bridge remain in top shape is something that the entire village takes pride in.

Living root bridge at Mawlynnong

Living root bridge at Riwai village

Yes, we reached the magnificent living root bridge.

living root bridge

Road leads to living root bridge

Living root bridge

Steam near root bridge

Yet another place that is worth your visit to Mawlynnong is the Balancing Rock or the Maw-Ryngkew Sharatia. This is of a small stone, which is balancing a boulder precariously for years that shall appease the child in you, of this natural phenomenon.

Mawlynnong village

My kid try to push the balancing rock

Experiencing the Skywalk

Now that we are in Mawlynnong, we would also know we are very close to the India-Bangladesh border and wish to spot Bangladesh aerially, then become a little adventurous and step up the Skywalk. The entry fee is just Rs. 10 for you to go up 85 feet high and have a good view of the sprawling plains of Bangladesh from here.

Skywalk at Mawlynnong village

Rupa and Sanjeev climbing in the Skywalk

It also houses a small village church and a playground for children. We did not miss the chance to enter into the church and take some beautiful snaps.

Mawlynnong village

Friends relaxing on a roadside bench

Where to stay in Mawlynnong village?

There are quite a few homes, which offer to accept guests in their homes and treat them well during their stay. The tourists shall get basically clean rooms, spotless beds, hot meals and plenty of good hospitality on their stay here. We stayed at Steam side guest house which situated just before reaching the village car parking. You can book homestay in Mawlynnong village here.

What to Expect

  • Mawlynnong is a clean scenic village set in a beautiful surrounding, every corner of which is filled with pretty colourful flowers.Here one can witness the locals cleaning the environment and making sure that all the garbage is thrown in the bins.
  • Explore this unexplored village and fall in love with its enchanting waterfalls and streams and enjoy the company of beautiful butterflies and moths.
  • Relax in the few of the roadside stalls and small tea shops and also get some souvenirs and gift items from them.
  • Take back memories with you in the form of photos in traditional Khasi dress and costumes.
  • Know the stories of the area by relaxing and having a friendly chat with the villagers by the roadside benches of the roadside stalls in Mawlynnong.

Shopkeeper in a roadside stall


  • There isn’t any ATM or petrol pump available here nor there are any luxury hotels, but You can stay in traditional homestays and experience its ethnicity.
  • This village is also famous for a giant leaving root bridge located in a nearby village.
  • Visit this beautiful village and take back bagful of beautiful memories with you

Getting there

There are ample of shared taxis available from ‘Shillong‘ bus stand to’ Mawlynnong’. That’s likely to cost you INR 300 .  You can also hire a taxi from Shillong and Cherrapunji to here, which cost you around INR 3000.

If you are looking for more information on Mawlynnong village and Meghalaya Tour please check out the page dedicated to Mawlynnong village.   You can book one of our best selling tour packages of Meghalaya, or email us on support@nexplore.org to start planning your trip!

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