Majuli Island, majuli photos

Scenic beauty of Majuli (Photo credit Wikipedia)

Majuli, an enchanting paradise adorned with fresh green rice fields and small lakes (Beels) interspersed with floating water hyacinth.


Auniati satra, Majuli satra

Auniati satra, The Neo vaishnavism culture center at Majuli

Majuli, the heart and soul of Neo vaishnavism culture. Visiting Staras in Majuli is an achievement for life time.


majuli satra

Prayer(Naam Prasanga  at Dakhinpat Satra)

Morning prayer in Satras fills your mind with purity and spiritual blessing.


Bhona at Majuli, majuli island photos

Bhaona(vauna) performance at Majuli (Photo Abhijit Hazarika)

Watching dance drama Bhaona(Vauna) performance at Rass mohutsav is another unique experience.


assam majuli photos

Village life in Majuli. Unique pottery making tradition at potter’s village (Photo: The wandering Fowl via

Forget the chaos of city life and plod in between the paddy fields and tribal villages like a wanderer.


Sunrise at Majuli, Majuli island gallery

Sunrise at Majuli Island

Endeavour, the madness of village life, wake up early morning and enjoy the picturesque view of rising sun in the east.


Bird watching at Majuli (Photo Credit)

Majuli, also a paradise for bird watchers. Don’t miss the chance of clicking beautiful birds in the bills(lakes) of Majuli.


Pork dish

Pork with bamboo shoot

Enjoy simple delicious meal made with pork and bamboo shoot complemented with a glass of local beer (Apong).


Bamboo cottage Majuli

Bamboo cottage at Majuli island

Stay in a bamboo hut and feel the essence of village life and hear the amazing sound of birds and various insects at night.


molai forest images

Molai forest created by forest man Jadav Payeng. Elephant at Molai Kathoni(Photo credit)

Majuli is the home of man made forest  Mulai kathoni(Mulai forest) created single-handedly by Padmashree Jadav Molai Payeng. Visiting this forest by boat is another memorable experience.


Majuli tourism, Majuli photo

Ferry ride to Majuli

Last but not least, click some photos of mighty Brahmaputra river and enjoy ferry ride to Majuli island.

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