If you are a lover of cloudy and misty weather, and of course, a lover of nature at its unbridled best, then a visit to the city of Shillong, is surely on your cards.

The city of Shillong is a modern city, which is a capital of Meghalaya. With its fashion-loving populace and Western music culture in every corner, it appeals the young. While the city is there with all its museums and parks, the natural beauty abounds too and the best part is that Shillong has many places worth visiting and possibly even relax. You will definitely enjoy visiting these places and indulge in the following things to do on your trip to Shillong.

Get an outstanding view from Shillong Peak:

The highest peak of Shillong is just at a distance of 10 kms from Shillong city. The ascent to the peak is as blissful and as your car shall move up, you shall feel the nip in the air that takes you on. The peak offers a thorough view of the entire city stretching out all around it.

Shillong Peak

Outstanding view of city from Shillong Peak

Boating and Kayaking in Borapani Lake(Umiam Lake):

One of the most popular water spots around Shillong is in the Umiam Lake complex. It is just at a distance of 15 kms from the city on the way to Shillong from Guwahati. The road leading to the lake is by itself as eye-catchy as ever. The lake is now a perfect destination for water scooter, kayaking and boating.

Borapani Lake

View of Borapani Lake from the top

Stay in the Island of Lumpongdeng Houseboat:

If you wish to soak into the warm nature of Umiam Lake and feel good about staying there for long, then just take a boat to Lumpongdeng island. This island has the houseboat accommodation available. Tuck into local delicacies as you stay at the houseboat and enjoy the peace of greenery all around you.

Go Excursion and Swimming in Elephanta Falls:

If you love waterfalls just as much as lakes and rivers, then Shillong has it for you in the name of Elephant Falls. It is one of the three waterfalls in the area that shall make you jump in joy. The place is once again mesmerizing and ideal for picnickers and swimmers. The chill water of the falls is very relaxing and even offers excellent location for photography.

Elephanta Falls

Elephanta Falls (Photo Manabendra Dey)

River Rafting at Ranikor waters:

If you cannot do without your dosage of adventure sports then rafting is ideal for you. Try to visit this place, which has nothing much beyond a village and a river that is raging on where you can go rafting.


Ranikor (Photo Syed Mojaddedul Islam)

Go Cave Exploring in Mawjymbuin cave:

The Mawjymbuin caves are perfect for the people who wish to check out the caves and Meghalaya for that matter shall not disappoint. The caves are quite risky with slippery edges. Do visit with care and you shall have an experience of a lifetime.

Mawsmai cave

Mawjymbuin cave

Treat your eyes at the Butterfly museum:

In Shillong, if there is one thing that you shall notice is the range of butterflies that you shall get to see aplenty. Whether you visit the falls or lakes, you shall come across butterflies. There are museums like the Butterfly museum and Wankhar Entomology Museum. The Butterfly museum is located near Meghalaya Public Service Commission office and the Wankhar Entomology Museum is at Riatsamthiah, Shillong. Both have amazing collection of butterflies that are in and around Shillong.

Butterfly museum

Butterfly museum Shillong

Go Nature-Loving at David Scott Trail:

If you are someone who does not mind walking for around four to five hours, deeper and deeper into the lap of nature, this scenic route is perfect. The David Scott Trail is a must-visit. Get your camera, your recorder, and of course, the walking or trekking poles and you are ready to go.

David Scott Trail

David Scott Trail

Soak in Mawphlang Sacred forest:

There are monoliths in the dense forest of Mawphlong that are the proof of rituals that existed here. The forest still holds a high position and is very holy to the locals.

Mawphlang Sacred Forest

Mawphlang Sacred Forest

Shop for souvenir from Police Bazar:

You shall also visit Police Bazar if you want to shop for local hand-woven items to bring home or gift your friends. The place buzzes with activity and there is the Lewduh Bara Bazar and the Khasi Village market, which are also ideal for shopping your heart out.

Now that you have so many things to lined up in your next visit to Shillong, just get your tickets and visit the city. You can also book a guided Shillong tour to enjoy the beauty of Shillong with our expert tourist guides. What makes Shillong so special is that it blends modernity while keeping the nature and environment alive and buzzing alongside.

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