Gather your friends and families this time around for a wonderful picnic trip in some of the exotic places near Shillong, yes a celebration with nature. If you’re not an outdoor kind of person, well I urge you to try once and believe me you will never regret your decision. If you grew up in the city with malls and stores and man-made parks, well you’ll miss not knowing how going on a picnic is like. Meghalaya is one perfect place for that experience and I’m not talking about enjoying the water in swimming pools but actual crystal clear rivers, beautiful hillocks surroundings, tall pines and evergreen trees.

If you have a beautiful picture in your imagination right now, I can say it could be better. You must’ve heard about the beautiful Sohra (Cherrapunjee) and it’s sightseeing spots and tourist attractions every now and then but there’s always more, somewhere where you can relax, cook outdoors, stay in camp for the night, have a good get together time and of course a lot of awesome selfies to flaunt your friends about your picnic in the best tourist attractions and picnic places in Shillong.

Here I listed 5 best tourist places near Shillong.



Kyrdemkhla- small place tuck away in the woods

Let’s take a trip to kyrdemkhla, it’s a must place to enjoy your picnic, just 30 kms from Shillong town a small place tuck away in the woods, where the aroma of pine cones and clear stream rush through, a big playground if you’re taking the kids and of course badminton, ball games are the best option, if you’re planning to cook on the spot might as well go prepared with portable gas stove or even better fire wood.

 2)Garden of Caves

 Garden of cave

Mawdohnud (heart shape) where a shallow impression of a heart shape is seen on the rock, might as well make a wish for the people you love.

Moving along how about Mawdohnud or the Garden of Caves, another 47 kms from Shillong, this picnic spot is what everyone needs, to stretch out our achy muscles a spacious ground for games and a cook out with a little trail for walking that will lead you to three spots the waterfall which if you were to visit it in the winter season can actually make you feel you’re hiding behind the cascade, the cave and may I add if you’re photogenic you’re bound to get great shots for your uploads and of course Mawdohnud (heart shape) where a shallow impression of a heart shape is seen on the rock, might as well make a wish for the people you love.



Dainthlen falls

Dainthlen is no less than the others, believe me just looking at photos or pictures of this place will not be enough, if you’re actually there, you might think of revisiting it again not only that a family picnic will be wonderful not to forget the crystal brooks and streams on your way to Dainthlen where you should park your car, open your shoes and enjoy the cold water against your feet, take it from someone who’ve been there, it’s like therapy.

 4)Umiam lake

Umiam lake

Umiam lake (Photo Basanta Bora)

Umiam lake, is one of the common picnic spots, needless to say the view of the lake is absolutely breathtaking and if you’re into fishing, putting up a tent is not a bad idea.

 5)Ialong park

 Ialong park

Scenic view from Ialong park located in Jowai

Moving on to Jaintia hills, Ialong park, let me tell you it might sound small when I said park but don’t be fooled it’s a vast area of space with a spectacular view of the Syntuksiar river, one of the must visit picnic spots.

Are you excited and want to visit these attractive places in and around Shillong. Don’t get disappointed I will add some more attractive places in Meghalaya in my next post. Till then stay tuned for more updates. You can also read my previous blog A Foodie’s Guide to Eating in Shillong.

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